SFER IK Museion in Tulum Opens Call for AI Art Proposals with $100,000 USD Grant

SFER IK Museion Award

Art centre SFER IK Museion, located within the Tulum Jungle in Mexico, has announced an open call competition still running until 17 November for artists from diverse backgrounds, inviting them to create installations utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) in the natural surroundings of the Tulum Jungle, while focusing on themes such as Interspecies Art, Ancestral Knowledge, and Environmental Symbiosis. SFER IK Museion offers a grant of $100,000 USD for the winning project and access to its FabLab and workshops for project development.

Selected artists will have the opportunity to engage in a 2-month art residency program at AZULIK City of Arts, allowing for potential collaboration and co-creation opportunities in the labs. The chosen artist or team will also enjoy a 5-day stay at AZULIK Hotel in Tulum.

This competition emphasizes the exploration of AI in environmental art. Artists interested in participating can find detailed information, submission guidelines, and terms and conditions on the SFER IK Museion website. It offers a chance for artists to contribute to the evolving dialogue between AI, nature, and art.

“We really believe that there is a harmonious way to integrate art, technology, science, and ancestral knowledge—and if done well, it can result in a much better position for us in the world,” says creative director Marcello Dantas to The Art Newspaper. “Everybody’s talking about the dystopian potential of AI, and we’re really thinking about the utopian applications of AI. Can AI really empower people? And we want to believe that yes, it can.”

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